Your Impact

Your Impact


Make every day brighter for kids in hospital by supporting Child Life Specialists.
Do research that analyzes genes and tests drugs for kids with cystic fibrosis.
Fund 19 early-career scientists across Canada to explore big research ideas.
Upgrade our Research Pharmacy to develop drugs for our sickest patients.

Meet The Kids We're Getting Loud For


Ezra’s health complications were identified before he was born: spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and Chiari Malformation Type 2. Taken together, they’re serious: Ezra’s parents were told he might be paralyzed from the waist down, and never walk. That was then. Thanks to all the care Ezra’s received at SickKids – care that donors support – Ezra’s walking today with leg braces and a walker, and even tap dancing!

Alessio - Age 3

“There were so many times SickKids staff could have said there’s nothing more they could do. But they never gave up on him. There was always a new plan or new angle to investigate” says Alessio’s mom, Cyrena. Born with multiple serious heart problems, Alessio has undergone multiple heart surgeries, and suffered many setbacks. But he’s here today, because SickKids was here for him. And because fundraisers who GetLoud are here for us.

Noah - Age 5

Noah is a SickKids heart patient – one who needed eight major heart surgeries in her first seven months! Complications meant she spent a long time in the Cardiac Critical Care unit. Today, she needs breathing support via a tracheostomy (a hole in her throat), but otherwise, she’s a vibrant ball of energy. She and her family believe in SickKids. That’s why they’re GetLoud fundraisers themselves – #TeamGirlNoah.

Your Impact - In Detail

Breakthrough Research

  • 1/3 of research funding at SickKids comes from donors.
  • 3,000+ active research projects aim to solve and treat childhood diseases.
  • You've supported our research into more effective mental health treatment and new approaches using genomics and artificial intelligence to better understand rare diseases and common childhood illnesses.

Compassionate Clinical Care

  • 300,000+ patient visits a year, with about 100,000 virtual visits in the last year.
  • You've enabled our social workers to develop and deliver the Young Minds Matter workshop series twice a year, empowering patients to cope with stress and low self-esteem.
  • In a year like no other, you helped SickKids respond swiftly to COVID-19, keeping patients, families, and staff safe and cared for.

Training Child Health Leaders

  • 3,000+ students, trainees, and fellows benefit from our training every year.
  • You've helped kick-start the careers of 19 talented health scientists with New Investigator Research Grants at 12 hospitals across Canada.
  • You've also helped doctors bridge the worlds of child healthcare and research by supporting training for Health Clinician Scientists and Clinical Investigators.

Building a New SickKids

  • 144 new beds, 8 more operating rooms, and 6 more MRI machines in the new hospital.
  • You're helping us build a bigger, better SickKids where patients won't have to share rooms and clinical areas don't feel clinical.
  • You've already helped us improve patient care and safety with upgrades to the hospital's pharmacy facilities, the Research Pharmacy, and the lab system for advanced genetic testing.

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