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In 2009, my daughter, Jayden became very ill with a newly discovered disease called anti-NMDAR Encephalitis. She was one of the first children diagnosed with this disease at SickKids. Thankfully, one very special doctor figured out what was happening with Jayden and saver her.  As a family, we can never thank SickKids enough. 

That's why, this September, I'm committing to getting active and fundraising for SickKids GetLoud. I'm joining thousands of other SickKids supporters who are rallying together to build a new SickKids. And it's going to take all of us to get there.

SickKids has always been on the front lines in the fight for children’s health. But the clinical facilities at SickKids are close to 70 years old. Today, one of the biggest battles at SickKids is against the limits of an old building.

Help me unleash the full potential of SickKids by donating online – it’s safe, secure and easy. Any amount you give today will help me reach my fundraising goal.

Let’s run, walk or ride for SickKids. When we unite in the fight against limits at SickKids, we’re unstoppable.

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