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Lad & Associates!

We're fundraising for SickKids because ...

Hi, my name is Emily (the leader of Dream Team).  My team and I are fundraising for Sick Kids because ... 

It all started 9 years ago on the first day of grade one.  Just like every first day, it started with a mix of laughter, excitement and tears. Those feelings quickly turned into fear, as I got really sick that night. 

I ended up being at Sick Kids for a week. The stay was a bit of a blur to me but I remembered all the kind and friendly faces of the doctors and nurses who I met along the way. 

I went home thinking that I could be my sweet and healthy self again, not knowing that I would be back there the next week in complete silence….. 


Just because I lost my hearing at 6

Doesn’t mean that I had an awful childhood

Doesn’t mean that I couldn’t communicate with the world

Doesn’t mean that my world was lonely and silent

It means that I was always loved, never lonely, and lived in a world filled with colours and music


Just because I have Cochlear implants

Doesn’t mean that I can’t go to school

Doesn’t mean that I struggled and fell behind

Doesn’t mean that I stood out of a group

It means that I have a proper education with good grades


Just because I am hard of hearing

Doesn’t mean that I can’t follow my dreams

Doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of doing what I love

Doesn’t mean that I’m a nobody

It means that I’m a young independent girl following her interests and being an Artsies


Just because I’m DEAF

Doesn’t mean I can’t be a role model

Doesn’t mean I can’t be your friend

Doesn’t mean that I can’t be someone’s daughter, granddaughter, niece, or cousin.

Because you know what? 


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Thank you to our Sponsors


Duc Luong

Congrad Emily. You've surpassed your goal again.


Kiem, Simon, & Maddy


Lad & Associates

Inspired by your story, Emily. Keep being amazing! Warmly, Janine & Hiten Lad


Bdca Cpa

You are an inspiration to everyone!!


Vanessa Luong


Vanessa Luong


Ken Davis


Suzanne Cohon

You go Emily! B we’re so proud of all the amazing work you do!!!!!


Lesa Lam


Viv, Charlee, David


Matt Davis


Kelly Edmunds


Dedicated Access

Congrats on reaching your goal and beyond!!


Phil Lam



Hi Emily - You will always have our love and support for anything you do. Neil & Iona



Way to go Emily!


Susan T


Libby & Joey

We're so proud of you Em, always!


Lynn Lockhart-menzies

Emily, you are definitely a SuperHEARo in all of your adventures and accomplishments! You continue to amaze me and I am so proud of you! Keep reaching for the stars. Congratulations!


Vivian Gies

Congratulations for all you are doing Emily. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone. Thank you!


Ai Linh Tran


Fabian Yap


Sandy Tang

Emily, keep up with the good work .


Damien Williams




Geoff Crewe


Ai Hoa Tran Trac